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If you are interested in creating astonishing outdoor spaces to boost the good looks of your residential property, you must consider taking excellent advantage of the vast knowledge and skills of a professional landscaping contractor. Enyol Landscaping is the go-to expert landscaping company for many homeowners throughout Riverside, CA and the adjoining areas. We can be yours too! Keep reading to find out more details about what we can do for your home’s landscapes!

Professional landscaping service

Our Services

Natural Grass Installation

Natural Grass Installation

If you are a person that loves the feel, smell, and look of fresh green grass under your feet and wants to have some installed in your home’s yard, you can turn to our exceptional team of landscaping specialists. We guarantee a flawless natural grass installation that will meet your aesthetic requirements!
Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial Grass Installation

You may love the look of natural grass, but you don’t want to deal with its maintenance needs. You can always choose artificial grass as your greatest ally! It is ideal for homes with pets and children and can save you tons of money in water bills. Our dependable company can help you with a seamless installation!
Stamped Concrete Services

Stamped Concrete Services

Stamped concrete is an excellent choice if you want to add color and texture and create a stunning style for your concrete floors. It is an ideal service to hire for custom front yard landscaping projects or even for patio projects. Let our specialists take over all your home’s stamped concrete needs!
Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining Wall Construction

Plants, grass, and trees are not the only elements that matter in a landscape. Natural elements need some strong and sturdy companions that can support them and complement the overall design. Turn to our dependable and multi-skilled team for excellent retaining wall construction!
Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

As living environments cannot be installed and then forgotten! They need constant upkeepĀ from an expert who can address all the plant’s needs without a problem. Trust our detail-oriented team for quality landscape maintenance, so you don’t have to invest your precious time in watering, mowing, and so on!

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  • Stamped Concrete Services
  • Retaining Wall Construction
  • Landscape Maintenance

Client Testimonials

by Mildred P. Hitt on Enyol Landscaping
Excellent Work!

My custom front yard landscaping project turn out to look fantastic after I hired the services of this company! The grass installation is very well done. The crew was attentive and listened to all my requests and concerns. I am very happy with the result!

The Perks of Turning to Professionals

Professional landscaping services can improve the lives of many homeowners who love nature but cannot invest their time and effort in looking after the landscapes. A professional landscaper can provide you with soil and weather-adequate solutions for your project, and maintain the health and great looks of all your plants! Plus, a beautiful landscape is beneficial for your property’s resale value.

How We Address Landscapes

For our excellent landscaping crew, quality is always our number one goal. When we take on new projects, we make sure to strictly follow our expert procedures designed to be effective and efficient. Our team exploits the potential of top-grade landscaping materials, products, and techniques to be able to exceed our valued customers’ expectations.

The Areas We Can Reach

Our team wants to be a part of the transformation of as many home outdoor spaces as possible! Although we are currently based in Riverside, CA, our expert landscaping abilities are not only available to homeowners in that area. We can come work on your landscape if you live in any of the following regions:

  • Woodcrest, CA
  • Mead Valley, CA
  • Muscoy, CA
  • Grand Terrace, CA
  • Home Gardens, CA

Put your grass installation, landscape maintenance, or hardscape needs in our highly trained hands! We are eager to design and maintain the good looks of your landscape. Please, don’t forget to request your appointment with Enyol Landscaping by phone. Call us today!